Opened Doors

I have to say as we journey through life God really answers our prayers. When we won’t leave a situation, He is the one that closes the doors we won’t because he knows what he has written for our story. I am in silent amazement as door after door keeps opening. I have an incredible position with opportunities that I never ever imagined in my life. I have a professional career that surrounds me with the most incredible leaders I have ever met. Their love for people and the job and the company is incredible. I have worked for Christian organizations and not for profits the majority of my life, but I have to say the company I am currently with has shown more Christian character, ethics, empowerment, and incredible leadership than I have ever in my life been a part of. I have opened a business that is my heart and will touch more people than I ever imagined and sprinkle goodness as far as my imagination can go. I have a publisher who has now finished my new series and my career as a children’s author is soaring. For all those that have supported me, loved me, prayed with me, and been my rocks, thank you for everything. For those who have doubted me, thank you because without those closed doors, I would never be were I am today………DJ

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